Titleist Golf Performance

Assessment & Training

Have you ever taken a lesson and the pro keeps telling you to do something over and over and you just can’t seem to get it? Did you ever think “maybe I have a physical limitation that is not allowing me to do what the pro is asking me to do?” Let me find that physical limitation and correct it.


The TPI program is the leader in elite player development. Utilizing TPI’s movement screen in conjunction with video technology I can give golfers of all skill levels various ways to improve their game.

The program begins with an in-depth physical evaluation to measure a golfer’s ability to generate power and pinpoint specific imbalances and weaknesses within the body. We combine the physical evaluation with a video swing analysis to truly address every aspect of your game.

The foundation of the TPI program focuses on correcting body imbalances and compensations that restrict the golf swing and cause pain. Correcting these imbalances will maximize power, strength, and flexibility, and in turn will develop a balanced and consistent swing motion, allowing you to hit the ball longer, increasing accuracy and playing longer.