One on One Training

Do you think PROFORM is just for athletes? Well think again, 85%, of my clientle are adults. Whether you want to optimize body composition, return from an injury, reduce pain, increase performance or need an appoinment to stay motivated. This program will focus on your goals while providing continous eduaction in all areas of training. All sessions are one hour in a private setting.


FMS is HIGHLY recommended before training.


Don’t know what to do when you get to the gym? Or need a comprehensive training program to follow at home? This program is ideal for you. A program will be designed with your phyiscal needs in mind and based off of thr equipment that you have access to. A on on one “How to” training session is included to ensure quality.


FMS is HIGHLY recommended before training.

Home Corrective Exercise Program

After identifying causes, compensations, dysfunctions, weaknesses and imbalances through the FMS, it is time to fix the issues found, and corrective exercise is the only way to do this.  Correcting these deficits can be a lengthy process depending on concistency and dedication to the corrective exercise, especially with today’s busy schedules. The corrective exercise home program is designed to be done at home on your own time to allow fo the consistency needed to change the motor patterns. A “how to” training sessions with an individualized training packet with pictures and descriptions is included.

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