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Proper functional movement can have a significant effect on your running times. Over the years PROFORM has significantly reduced both beginners and professional runners overall times. Runners face a multitude of pains and injuries due to poor functional movement and overuse. These pains and injuries include: Plantar fasciitis, Shin splits, Stress fractures, Achilles tendonitis, PFS, Osgood Schlatter, Low back pain, IT Band Syndrome and many more...These pains and injuries are highly preventable but can only be minimized or stop by identifying the underlying cause of these pains and injuries. Remember...These issues are overuse issues, which means you are over using an area to make up for something else not working correctly. We find that something! "Treatment" is just treating the issues not attacking the cause of the condition. So before you get that gait analysis or that new pair of running shoes/insoles contact PROFORM to learn about the real issues.


Please refer to the article "The Whole Body Fix" in the MARCH 2014 issue of RUNNERS WORLD Magazine to learn more about PROFORM's running programs. LINK BELOW:

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