Athlete Training Programs

One on One

Athlete Training

This program is designed for all athletes and takes a comprehensive approach to injury prevention, athletic development and overall performance inhancment.


All sessions are one hour in a private setting.


FMS is required prior to training.

Very Small

Group Training

2 or 3 Athletes Max


All sessions are one hour.


FMS is required prior to training.


All athletes must be similar in assessmnet to be concidered for group training.



Don’t know what to do when you get to the gym? Or need a comprehensive training program to follow at home? This program is ideal for you. A program will be designed with your phyiscal needs in mind and based off of thr equipment that you have access to. A on on one “How to” training session is included to ensure quality.


FMS is HIGHLY recommended before training.

Home Corrective Exercise Program

After identifying causes, compensations, dysfunctions, weaknesses and imbalances through the FMS, it is time to fix the issues found, and corrective exercise is the only way to do this.  Correcting these deficits can be a lengthy process depending on concistency and dedication to the corrective exercise, especially with today’s busy schedules. The corrective exercise home program is designed to be done at home on your own time to allow fo the consistency needed to change the motor patterns. A “how to” training sessions with an individualized training packet with pictures and descriptions is included.

Team Training

This program is designed to take the training burden off the coaches. Team training programs provide teams with a unique opportunity to reap all of the benefits of my sports performance programs, while building team unity by training as a group. Each Team Training program employs a group approach, while focusing on the needs of each individual. No cookie cutter programs. In addition, team training provides coaches and players a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of strength and conditioning.


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