Body Composition Testing

Overall weight is a poor representation of fat loss and overall health. Body composition provides an indepth look at Fat %, Fat wt., and Lean wt. Body composition provides the information you need to lose fat weight and keep it off. PROFORM utilizes BEI for all of our testing. Testing is non invasive and takes minutes. Its a great tool to measure your progress. PROFORM has over 13 years of knowledge and experience analysing body composition and perscribing weight managment/body fat reduction programs. In my career I have been fortunate to have performed thousands of body comp. test utilizing all methods of testing  including: The Bod Pod, DXA and BEI. Please checkout some of our clients stories at the bottom of this page.

Nutrition Consultations

Body composition is very important for optimal health. Knowing your body composition (fat wt. vs. lean wt.) is the only way to accurately prescribe caloric intake. Weight alone is not a good indicator of optimal health or performance. Common issues "I workout all the time and eat healthy why can’t I lose weight."? "I lost weight but it keeps coming back?" Let me help you understand "why" and educate you in a way you will be able to understand and be able to apply to real life. This program takes the “thinking” out of nutrition/weight loss and provides you with exactly what you need to do how to do it. Body composition testing and nutritional consultations include: Bio Electrical Impedance body fat test, Body composition tracker, individualized nutritional packet (packet includes: individualized caloric/macronutrient intake based on body fat %, resting metabolic rate and activity level, menus consisting of thousands of meals based on you caloric needs, real life nutritional strategies), consultation are approx.. 1.5 hours. Consultations can be done in your home*, online or at SouthSide Fitness. Consultations are avialble in a few different versions. Please contact us for more info.



Sports Performance Nutrition Consultations

Body fat is one of the top factor in increasing overall performance and health. Body composition and nutrition are the “Missing Pieces” in athletic development. Athletes tend to train without the proper nutrition and care for their bodies. This neglect will affect the athletes’ body composition by causing decreased performance and overall health. Sports Nutrition Consultations include: Information on what to eat/drink and when, supplements, protein, the importance of carbohydrates, muscle glycogen depletion and repletion, individualized hydration sheet, and hydration techniques. Sport Nutrition presenations are a great way to get your team or organization on the same page when it comes to preparing for practices, games and tournaments.

Real Results!!

Here are just a few weight loss successes stories as well as common mistakes made when trying to lose weight.