Did you know that females of all ages and abilities face significant physical challenges when training?

Females have a significantly higher micro trauma (non-contact) pain and injury rate. Why you ask? The overall issue is that women have very poor pelvic stability and high quad. dominance. Females have weak, inhibited and most of the time nonexistent activation and strength in their glute. complex (Min., Med., Max.), abductors and adductors (Yes, males have these problems but they are much more pronounced in females). Females are born with this poor structure and over time these areas become very dormant, but doesn't stop is their every day movement, fitness and sports. This poor set up along with the female triad, Q angle and knee valgus combine to cause pain in the knee (PFS, Osgood etc..) and lower back. This poor structure forces the the body into quad. dominance. Over time the quads. become very strong, tight and overused. Basically the knees and low back  are the two areas that end up being the victim and are asked to do too much and it is just a matter of time before they give in.

Obviously there is much more to this story and I would love the opportunity to show you through an in-depth assessmnet.

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