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Ryan, I can't thank you enough for all that you have done to take our NCDC team to another level. I have never had a team stay as strong and fresh from start to finish like this years team was. Thank you so much!- Tim K. Head Coach Islanders Hockey Club

"Thank you sooo much for everything you have done for her. She feels so good running again" - Mom of a DHS XC Runner 3/30/24

"As promised the assessment was exteremly eye opening! I was blown away by what we learned!" - Sarah V. mom of a DHS Freshman Athlete (March '23)

The assement process was mind blowing! It definitley explained so much about the causes of the pain & injuries that I've expericed over the years. - Morgan L.

"Thank you so much for all the time you spent with us today Ryan!. You are so brilliant in your field. We feel so relieved and excited to have found the source of her pain and a solution to work towards correcting and rebuilding"- Parent of a Windham HS Acro Tumbling athlete with low back pain

"First off I was blown away by Ryan's assesment process. We are excited to be apart of this program and look forward to working with Ryan" -Parent of Freshman Newmarket Basketball Player

“Thank you for all that you have helped him with. He absolutely loves going to you and is disappointed when he travels and can’t make it. We are all very grateful, even outside of the benefit of the physical fitness, the improvement in his game and his confidence is priceless. Thanks again”- 16U Spartans Hockey Academy Parent 5/20/21

We had our consult with Ryan today. Oh my gosh! It was so imformative and made so much sense. I was left wondering why we don't hear more about about this especially for female athletes- Mother of SHS Volleyball Player 3/9/21

Our son  has developed a reputation amongst his teammates as "pound for pound, the strongest player on the team - by far."  Despite being one of the smallest in stature.  And when opponents with 50lbs on him try to run him down, he gets the better of them.  Thank you for your work with him and expertise - the benefits of your program are clear.

-Tom McDonough (Father of Seacoast Spartans Academy U16 Hockey Player) 2/14/21

Thank you for all the times that you go above and beyond with Rauri. We sought you out to prevent over use injuries and he has gotten so much more than that! Rauri's confidence on and off the field is soaring. We truly apperciate all that you give him. -The Hatch Family 1/21/21

PR'd and hit 93 mph today live and haven't touched a weight over 30lbs since March!! Good Stuff, couldn't have done it without you- Kevin Gould (College Pitcher)

 I wanted to say thank you for the work you put in with Teagan.  He had a football season he will remember for a long time. He threw for 2500 yards, 25 touchdowns, and ran for 6.  He was named to the all region first team all stars.  For the two seasons he’s worked with you 4700 yards 43 passing and 8 rushing touchdowns.  Most importantly no injuries....and he has one more year.
Again, thank you for your support. - Brendon Hynes Father of Teagan Hynes York HS

"As we watch our son's college FB team go though pregame warmups, it's impossible not to notice how differently he moves compared to most of his teammates in his form and positioning, his body control throughout all phases of a squat or a stretch, and the consistency of his movements from beginning to end of the warmup period. His years spent with you were so very much worth the effort - and worth every penny!"- Mother of an STA & Rhodes College Football Player

"I can't thank Ryan enough for all he has done for me. He has literally changed my life. Before I met Ryan I was 230 lbs and could'nt feel my legs (due to back issues). After working with Ryan I' am in the best shape of my life and my daily pain is gone." - Matt Mooers (Moutain Bike Rider/Meraki Bike Tours)

"We have not had one injury to any player. We have had multiple pitchers making velocity jumps. We have had a couple of young position players really blossoming now that their bodies are functioning properly" - D1 Basball Asst. Coach

Hey Ryan,
We wanted to let you know that Paige had an amazing swim tonight at her meet in Virginia.  She grabbed 2nd place for team New England in the 100 breaststroke!

We believe that working with you this year has been a major contributor to her success in the pool.  So thank you and we look forward to her working with you more this coming year!
-Heidi & Bud Spencer

"I am a 64 year old hockey player who competes in tournaments all over North America. When I met Ryan over 18 months ago, I was working out with another trainer lifting weights 2 times a week and skating 3 times a week. I thought I was in great shape, but my body was constantly breaking down with back, hip, hamstring, quad and groin injuries. It seemed like I was getting hurt once a month.

Ryan taught me to activate and use my glute muscles instead of being quad dominate. He focused me on developing overall core stability and using my whole body to generate movement and power. I learned that the power weight lifting and squats that I was doing before were actually restricting me and making me less flexible and mobile due to overuse. I now have much more mobility, stability, strength and endurance. Instead of breaking down in game 5 of a weekend tournament like some of the competition, I am getting stronger and performing better. I have gone about ten months in a row without a muscle pull or injury.

Get Ryan on your team! He is the "fountain of youth".  Lou LaMarca

"Pro Form is unrivaled. Serious training that makes a difference. Thanks to Ryan's approach, I am back to golf, biking, skiing and hiking after back surgery without fear."

- Steve W.

Former VP at Wentworth Douglas Hospital, Currently VP of Operations at The Steadman Clinic

Ryan works hard at his craft and goes way above and beyond for his clients. It is not a money grabbing buisness for him. Thanks for all you do. - STA Athlete's Dad

"It's amazing to think that 7 months ago I couldn't feel my legs! I was told I needed surgery and would never ride a bike the same again. I can't thank Ryan at PROFORM enough for taking the time to work with me, I wouldn't be here without you!" - Matt M.

"Thanks for teaching him how to get it done!  He has worked hard but it would not have happened unless he knew how to do it."- STA Parent


"I have worked with many trainers but haven't witnessed that thorough of an evaluation." -Parent of a high school athlete 1/12/15


"Huge thank you to Pro Form! Couldn't have done it without you!"- Mike Leblanc (Commited to Princeton University to play basketball, Class of 2018)

"I want to thank you for all the help you've given me and all you've taught me. You didn't just help me be a better football player, you helped me be a better athlete in general. I owe you more than I can ever repay, you helped me in my sport and you helped me realize what I wanted my career to be. You've been a huge influence to these past 2 years and I couldn't have done any of it without your help." -Eric Waddington DHS '14, PSU Football Player '18)

“Magic…That is what a running friend said about my progress after I started working with Ryan. We had both taken up running two years ago in our mid-fifties. Both of us were working hard to improve and seeing slow progress. Suddenly, I was seeing impressive progress. I took 29 minutes off a half marathon and 3 minutes off a 5k, comparing the same races on the same course to the previous year. Anyone who wants to improve their athletic performance, whatever their age or ability should try working with Ryan. I'm proof that it works!” – 56 yr. old female (Runner)

"Since my son has been working with Ryan, I have noticed a dramatic improvement on the ice" - Father of a Freshman STA Hockey Player 10/22/14

"My Son was so happy when he got home from his first session. Thanks for working with him." -Mom of a Pinkerton Academy Junior Football Player 2/6/15


"My feet feel great this week-  no discomfort after my runs..... first time in 13 months!! I am so happy!  Thank you!" -48 Yr old Runner & Swimmer 3/26/15


"Ryan is the reason I can play 18 holes 5 days in a row and 36 holes once in awhlie. Ryan is a golfer himself, so he understands the addiction to golf and the challenges it presents as we get older. His attention to fix mainatin and prevent injury has ultimatley lead to more enjoyment of the game. Ryan has adapted my sessions to to directly address the limitations identified by my swing coach and video analysis" -54 Yr old Golfer


"I've been doing the exercises that we talked about when I met with you in September.  I definitely feel improvement. My back no longer hurts and the pain everywhere else is much less." - 45 Yr Old Female


"You did an amazing job with strength training, specialized specifically for a qb, with our son Stevie Hedberg. He looked forward to your workouts because he could see his body transform each time...very gratifying. Thank you Ryan"

"Thank you for working with Ryan M. last year.  He has been healthier in general and finished the season without any significant injuries. He played every match plus regularly played the B-side match when player shortages warranted"

- Parent of a D1 Rugby Player

"I just wanted to thank you for your help and advice today. It was nice to pinpoint the source of my misalignment and pain" -40 Year Old Female Runner

Things happen in 3's... This is what I have heard this week. 3/24/16
"I did 9 hours of manual labor today, there is no way I could have done this in the past without your help" - 56 year old Contractor/ Golfer
" I was able to play two hockey games back to back with no pain or after effects. I would have never been able to move the next day in the past" - 54 year old active Male
"I feel so much better on the field. People are noticing the difference in my play" - 47 year old Male Soccer Player

The biggest advantage I see as a parent, besides that she is NOT experiencing knee pain (!) is that she has gained a great deal of confidence in her ability.- Parent of a Marshwood Girls Lacrosse Player

I'm headed home from my backpack trip in Canyonlands National Park.  Wanted you to know that I felt strong and moved without pain for a week of carrying a heavy pack over rocks, canyons and plenty of soft sand. Your guidance and expertise has been excellent. I know I am  stronger and more functionally fit than before. Youth hides many of the weaknesses.  At my age I know there is no hiding deficiencies.  Your exercises and routines have targeted the areas I needed help and necessary to safely do the activities I desire. I look forward to continued improvement.  Thanks very much for all your help, guidance and support through my ongoing fitness and  progress. -61 Year Old Male

Ryan George & Pro Form thank you for all of the guidance. Doing the drills you've outlined for me the last 6 months have really helped me improve my golf game and my way of life. You truly know how the body should move and have shown me how I can use my body more effectively. -42 Year Old Golfer

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